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Trinsic™ Series Patio Door

A contemporary vinyl patio door with a frame profile so narrow, you’ll hardly know it’s there.


Milgard® Trinsic™ Series


A sleek and contemporary vinyl patio door.

Why Milgard® Trinsic™ Series


The Trinsic Series vinyl patio door is the newest and most contemporary vinyl sliding door available. The narrow frame profile provides the maximum available viewable glass area to help you enjoy amazing outdoor views. The newly designed, sleek hardware features 90 degree angles for a very modern flair. It’s the perfect look for contemporary homes.

Benefits of Trinsic™ Series

Contemporary Frame

Durability & Energy Efficiency

Signature Vinyl Formula


Full Lifetime Warranty


Trinsic™ Series Operating Styles


Trinsic Series sliding vinyl patio doors are the perfect complement to Trinsic Series windows. They are designed with a narrow frame profile that can help expand your view. Choose from 2, 3 and 4 panel options.

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