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Simonton Modern Casement California Replacement Windows Simonton Authorized Dealer Orange

Imagine standing at the sink and enjoying this view. Those dreams can become a reality with casement windows. Simply crank the windows open to enjoy a pleasant breeze.

By House Style: Contemporary, Traditional
By Window Style: Casement
Room: Kitchen

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With casement windows you can enjoy expansive views, with lots of natural light and full ventilation. Their weather-resistant design delivers superior energy efficiency which can help improve interior comfort and reduce energy costs. 

Our casement replacement windows are customizable to match the style of your home.

Simonton Easy Crank Casement Windows California Replacement Windows Simonton Authorized De

Easy Crank Casement Windows

Our casement windows come with easy to crank handles. Place these style of windows in those hard to reach areas, so you can easily open them to let in a nice breeze.

Simonton French Courtyard Casement Windows California Replacement Windows Simonton Authori

French Courtyard Casement Windows

When you have an older home, preserving the integrity of the original architecture is often paramount to all else. These narrow, custom-fit casement windows do so with grace and elegance, keeping the classic feel of this French style courtyard in tact.


Casement windows hang vertically and feature a hinged sash that opens outward to the left or right by turning a crank handle. Vinyl casement replacement windows are an excellent choice for your home renovation project. They’re extremely durable in a variety of climates and are virtually maintenance-free.


Simonton offers a variety of custom sizes to fit any existing opening. Choose from neutral shades and woodgrain interior colors along with bold exterior colors to complement your home’s color scheme. Then select a hardware finish such as oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel that fits your decor. 

Complete the look of your custom casement windows with unique grille profiles and patterns including Prairie, Victorian, Colonial and more.


Casement windows are easy-to-operate making them ideal for hard-to-reach places. For example, these windows are ideal for installation above the kitchen sink or countertop appliances. The multi-point locking system tightly secures casement windows at different points with one lever. 

The crank handle easily opens the window making them ideal for individuals who may struggle with lifting or sliding a window. Casement windows are also incredibly energy efficient. When the window is closed, the casement sash and weatherstripping create a weather-tight seal which can improve interior comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs.

We carry the Following Window Operating Style

Single Hung

With Single Hung windows, the bottom sash moves up and down to let air flow into the room. They open and close easily. Single hung windows are a popular and classic style.


Horizontal Slider

Horizontal slider windows open and close easily without protruding into exterior walkways. Horizontal sliders are one of the most common window styles seen in homes today. 



Casement windows open like a door, being hinged on one side. They swing out wide for maximum ventilation. The low profile, folding nesting handle tucks away for a clean sight line. They open easily by turning the handle, making them a great choice over a kitchen sink. Casement windows open to the exterior of the home with a side hinge, similar to a door.



Awning windows are durable with clean lines and a modern look. This window hinges at the top and opens with a crank handle to ventilate your home without rain or leaves blowing in. Popular option in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.



Picture windows are stationary and do not open, helping you enjoy an unobstructed view. They can be used in combination with operable windows so you can take advantage of increased ventilation along with increasing daylight into your home. 

Bay and Bow


Bay and Bow Windows are generally shown with one large unit in the center flanked by a smaller unit on either side that opens for ventilation.

Bay windows are three or more windows of varying widths that angle out from the wall and are commonly used for window seats and often have three separate panels.

Bow windows are four or more equal size panels that form a curved shape. Combine them with casements or single hung windows for increased daylight or ventilation.

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